Lago Cedrino and Ispinigoli tour

From the historic town centre of Dorgali to Cedrino lake passing through a 110 metre deep well

€ 54 per person
+ 8€ Ticket grotta Ispinigoli

8/10 persons


Guid, E-bike and a tasting of typical Sardinian products included

Explore Dorgali, Ispinigoli caves and the Cedrino lake

Discover the historical centre of Dorgali and the 11 countryside churches. Departure every Thursday.

Historical city centre of Dorgali

Visit the historical city centre of Dorgali, Dorgali’s countryside and 11 countryside churches.

Natural spas ,water springs and caves

Visit the natural thermal bath of Su Anzu, San Giovanni’s spring and the Ispinigoli caves where you will be able to admire the highest natural column in Europe.

Eco-park Neule

Visit of the Eco-park to discover local animals , Sardinian donkeys, goats, sheeps, pigs and horses.

Nuraghe Neulè

Admire the ancient tower dating back to 1600 BC made up of megalithic rocks


# Meeting - ore 9:00

Meeting place Dorgali in viale Kennedy by the bus station, see google maps below. Vedi il punto di ritrovo su Google Maps.

# PARTENZA - ore 9:15

We will start the tour by visiting the historic city centre of Dorgali and continue through the countryside, we will visit 11 rural churches (some of them date back to the 1600s), including the Carmelo church from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Dorgali. The tour will continue to the thermal baths of Su Anzu, San Giovanni’s springs and the Ispinigoli caves.

The latter is a cave with a 110 metres deep well of which the first 50 metres can be visited. The cave has beautiful concretions and holds the highest column in Europe (38 metres high). What surprises most of the colums is its long and narrow shape. We will then have a coffee break and resume the tour by going through dirt roads towards the eco-park of Neule where you will see many animals such as the sardinian donkey, goats, sheeps, pigs and horses. We will have our lunch at the park with local produce by a terrace with a beautiful view of lake Cedrino.

After lunch we will go and see Nuraghe Neule (close by) where you can admire the ancient tower dating back to 1600 BC and what probably must have been an ablution basin decorated with megalithic rocks and probably used during sacred rituals. We will then make our way back through dirt roads lined with dry stone walls built by the skilled hands of the town elders.

# ARRIVO - ore 15:30

End of the tour is scheduled for 3/3:30pm

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Mit Alberto zur Ispinigoli und den schönsten Aussichtspunkten um Dorgali. Eine Tagestour mit dem E-Bike Wer zur Geschichte, den heidnischen sowie christlichen Bräuchen von Dorgali genaueres Erfahren möchte, sollte diese Tour mit dem E-Bike nicht versäumen. Ja, sie beginnt rasant durch das historische Zentrum Dorgalis um einigen der 26 Kirchen einen Besuch abzustatten und so nebenbei Geschichten von Land, Leuten und Bräuchen zu erfahren. Dieser Teil gipfelt regelrecht auf einem Vulkan mit einer grandiosen Rundsicht über Dorgali und das Umland. Rasant geht es wieder abwärts, nun über waschechte Wege fürs Mountainbike zur Ispinigoli Höhle. Nach deren Besichtigung und einem Kaffee dann weiter über Weidewege zu einem wahrhaft "magischen Ort". Einfach die Stille und grandiose Sicht auf den Lago Cedrino in Ehrfurcht genießen, dann schmeckt das inzwischen von Alberto bereitete zünftige Picknick doppelt. So gestärkt sehen wir noch einen urzeitlichen Wehrturm, die Basis der späteren Wohntürme in Italien? Keiner weiß es so genau. Nach einem nochmals grandiosen Blick in den Canyon des Cedrino heißt es dann zurückzufahren und nochmals die Kraft des E-Bikes spüren. Und dann heißt es Abschied nehmen von Alberto. Ich hatte das Glück mit ihm allein unterwegs zu sein. Es war ein grandioser Tag mit ihm und am Ende habe ich einen neuen guten Freund gefunden. DANKE NOCHMAL! Ich kann seine Tour nur auf das wärmste empfehlen. Ich rate zu langer Kleidung (lange Hosen), es geht durch Gestrüpp und die Wolfsmilchgwächse können zu allergischen Reaktionen der Haut führen. Die Tour sollte nur in kleiner Gruppengröße durchgeführt werden. Und genug Wasser mitzunehmen ist auch nicht verkehrt!
Amazing biking tour with a difference! Amazing biking tour with a difference! Recensione di Active Holiday Sardinia Recensito 22 giugno 2018 da dispositivo mobile Google Traduttore Thoroughly recommend Alberto and his electric mountain bikes for a day trip with a difference! If, like us, you enjoy the outdoors, and have some experience of cycling but can't cope with getting up hills, this is definitely the activity for you. After a few minutes of getting to know the controls, the bikes are pretty easy to operate, 3 electric power levels which give you a boost up the hills. So you still get exercise but without the exhaustion, perfect! The bikes made it possible for us to explore mountain paths, steep country lanes, wide sweeping roads and forest paths. Alberto made sure we were looked after and had a wonderful picnic of local salami, cheese, bread and fruit prepared for us to enjoy at the most panoramic of viewpoints. Alberto has an amazing knowledge of local history as well as the geology, flora and fauna (we visited the amazing Grotte Di Ispinigoli and Lake Cedrino, as well as a Nuragic tower) , so we also learnt a lot. A truly memorable day and electric bikes are amazing, we would recommend this without hesitation!

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Explore Dorgali and the Cedrino Valley

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