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Daily tours where it will be possible to discover enchanted places and/or eat in the company of the shepherd.

from € 119 per person
site ticket and lunch not included

8/10 persons

6/7 hours

Guid, E-bike rental

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Valle Lanaitto tour - Valle Oddoene tour with lunch at the shepherd Su Gologone springs and Valle Lanaitto tour and Golgo plateau and Cala Sisine tour

Oddoene Valley

Natural pools and waterfalls Dive into the natural pools and waterfalls with water so crystal clear that it will be impossible to resist bathing Cannonau vineyards Cycle along the path and admire all the small plots with typical Cannonau grape vineyards Lunch with the shepherd Taste the authentic food prepared directly by the shepherd. Country church of the madonna del Buon Camino Reach the country church of Buon Cammino (1600 AD) built on an ancient Roman layout Dimora delle Fate Go back in time (to discover a Domus di Janas, a tomb dating back to 4000 BC) and the ruins of a tomb of Giants from 1500 BC Price €119 (+€10-15-25 depending on the lunch menu with shepherd

Golgo plateau and Cala Sisine

Cala Sisine From the Golgo plateau it descends between the scenic limestones of the Codula di Sisine canyon up to the splendid beach of Cala Sisine, one of the most beautiful and fascinating coves in Sardinia where you will have the pleasure of bathing in these crystal clear waters. The Golgo Plateau We go up to the Golgo where we will visit "Su Sterru" one of the largest chasms in Europe and other sites of interest such as the country church, the wells and "pools" of probable Nuragic origin. Price €145 including transfer (lunch excluded)

Cedrino lake

Admire the Cedrino lake and the imposing basalt columns of the Gollei plateau from above.

Su Gologone Springs

Some of the most imposing springs of Sardinia, well worth the trip.


Meeting at 9:15 every Tuesday

Meeting place in Dorgali by the parking lot in Kennedy Road at 9;15am Vedi il punto di ritrovo su Google Maps.

# PARTENZA - ore 09:45

After the transfer to the Su Gologone source, the mountain bike tour begins along dirt roads which leads up to the valley of Lanaitto. Along the way there are several Neolithic caves and an aqueduct. .

After a few kilometres we will reach “Sa Oche” where you can relax and have some drinks. For those who wish can visit three sites, the nuragic site “Sa Sedda and Sos Carros” where you will explore a beautiful temple dedicatd to the worship of water. We will see “Sa Oche” cave from where you will find a river in times of abundant rain, and finally the cave of the notorious Corbeddu bandit inside which, to the bandit’s signature , you can see the excavations that have brought to light some of the most ancient human remainsof Sardinia dating back to the 16000 B.C.

The tour then continues in to the valley where you can admire the splendid shadow contrasts created by the the Holm oak woods. We will head back to look at the Cedrino lake from the top of the mountain and the imposing basalt columns of the Gollei plateau. The tour ends with a visit to the crystal clear springs of Su Gologone , the most impressive of Sardinia with an average water flow of 400 litres per second( declared a natural monument).

To finish the day we will relax and try some amazing traditional Sardinian food.

Arrival at 3,5-4pm

After the break we will head back to Dorgali at around 4pm.

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I had my first cycling experience with Alberto in Sardinia. I cannot speak highly enough of this amazing experience. The eco-bikes provided by Alberto enables all cyclists of whatever ability to see the natural beauty and its hidden beauties. I cannot recommend highly enough this truly fantastic experience. The lunch provided gives one an insight into genuine Sardinian life, that is filled with sincerity.
This trip is absolutely amazing with fun cycling and beautiful views. The guide is very friendly and knows a lot about the island and the history of the island and takes you to nice paths. I can highly recommend this!

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