Breathtaking tour on the coast

Discover one of the most beautifull parts of the golf of Orosei and enjoy the panoramic view of Cala Gonone.

€ 74 per person
+ 4€ Ticket Nuraghe Mannu

8/10 persons

3,5 hours

Guid and E-bike included

Discover the archeological site of Nuraghe Mannu

It dominates the Gulf of Orosei from a plateau of volcanic origin that is 200 metres above sea level. Monday, Friday departures at 9:15am and 3:30pm.

Nuraghe Mannu

Visit the archeological site, one of the most important in the history of Dorgali.

Gulf of Orosei

Visit the archeological site, one of the most important in the history of Dorgali.

Palmasera Beach

From the mountains to the most most important beach in Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone

Enjoy the breathtaking view of Cala Gonone from the “panoramica” road with a surprise ending view of the town of Orosei.


# Meeting point - ore 9:00 (mattina) / 15:15 (pomeriggio)

The itinerary is medium difficult , 20 km long and the meeting place is at the entrance of Cala Gonone by the petrol garage. Vedi il punto di ritrovo su Google Maps.

#Departures: (Monday,Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) – Morning at 9:15am, afternoon at 3pm.

We start by going through the woods towards the archeological site of Nuraghe Mannu. The site is very important in the history of Dorgali. Nuraghe Mannu is located in a strategic part in the centre of the Gulf of Orosei and for this reason it was used by all the previous civilisations that have lived in this area.

Once you have finished the guided tour of the site, we will proceed to Palmasera beach..

We will then have a coffee break and we will drive through a road called “la Panoramica” wich is located North of Cala Gonone and it is 100 mt above sea, you will be amazed by the beauty of the scenery. We will then proceed to “the terrazza” which opposite to Monte Ghirveri.

#Arrival 12,30 am (Morning)/ 6:30pm (afternoon)

The duration of the tour is about 3 hours including the visit to the Nuragic site

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We did the e bile tour of the Nuraghe Manu, the neach and the Panoramoc road snd it was super easy and fun with e bikes. In a gropup of eight, with beautiful weather there was a lot to enjoy. The biews are stunning, Alberto - our guide - was super friendly. Andrej B
My son and myself had a fantastic bike tour with Alberto today! Alberto is a very kind and knowledgeable guide. The bikes provided are high quality and in excellent condition. The possibility to set the desired electric power level makes these bikes easy to use for everybody. Even steep trails are a piece of cake with these bikes. Really a nice way to explore the island and enjoy the fabulous views! Jeroen.

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Scopri il sito archeologico di Nuraghe Mannu!

Tour di mezza giornata con due partenze giornaliere: alla mattina alle ore 9,15 e al pomeriggio alle 15,30, nei giorni di Lunedì, Mercoledì, Venerdì e Domenica.
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